“Images of Eve”

American composer Beth Denisch adapted “Three Women” from her song cycle “One Blazing Glance,” which describes a woman’s life journey. Dr. Denisch, a Berklee College of Music colleague of flutist Rolfe, drew inspiration for “Three Women” from poems by Rosie Rosenzweig, Kim Nam-Jo, and Allison Joseph. The opening movement, the haunting “Miriam’s Ballad” (suggested by Rosenzweig’s “Miriam’s Dance”), is crisp choreography between the flute and piano. “Rachel’s Song,” inspired by Kim’s “My Baby Has No Name Yet,” has a leaping, fluttering quality reminiscent of a bird’s song. When Rolfe’s piccolo is joined by Emery’s persistently pecking piano, the sound painting is glorious! The lyrical “Ruth’s Dance” (based on Joseph’s “Facial”) charms the listener with a fast waltz that presents some unexpected, yet utterly flowing, metric interest. “Ruth’s Dance” is a perfect closing movement to Denisch’s enchanting suite.

 Jampole, Emma Joy. “Images of Eve: A Review.” Gender, Education, Music and Society 7:6 September 2014.